Monday, February 27, 2012

It's All About the Presentation

Troy has been wanting to be more independent in so many ways lately. It's pretty cool because he really wants to help around the house--cleaning, helping me straighten and the infamous sanitizing. I think he's expecting an allowance, but we just pretend to be clueless. That will come eventually, but for now, we are just enjoying his helping. He's at an age where it's actually helping too so that's cool. Not like Will's age where his helping turns into "Hey, let's make a huge mess for Mom to do more work". Lately though, he's really been wanting to help make meals, so the other day I told him to go ahead and make his dinner. I was very curious about what he would choose to go with his peanut butter sandwich (because that part was a given). I was very proud when he chose raspberries and tomatoes--I HAVE been teaching him well after all! I did learn something though. Apparently just putting them in groups on a plate isn't enough. It truly is all about the presentation...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a Winter

This has been the craziest Winter I can remember. I don't know if I remember anything quite like this.
One day it's snowing, the next it's Spring like temperatures. One day it's cold and raining and then we are out in short sleeves. So odd. However, I am seeing a correlation. Don't know if it's an actual correlation, but hey, I am going to run with it. This Winter has also brought the most sicknesses in our household and exercise, rest, vitamins, hand washing--lots of hand washing, and more is not keeping them away. Since December, I feel like a week hasn't gone by that someone in our house isn't feeling ill. December it was all about that nasty lingering stomach bug. January brought colds. February has been coughing, sneezing, ear infections and the latest--pink eye. And no one is immune to any of it. We are all dealing with it and sharing it with all the family and friends we come in contact with. You are so welcome, by the way.
I feel like I have cleaned and sprayed Lysol, wiped down every inch of this house and yet, it's not helping. Apparently, if you are carrying germs, this just spreads them around. Here's hoping I don't get pink eye like the boys or it could get U-G-L-Y!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Downward Spiral

I was hoping that New Years Resolutions would help me, but it's not. I was doing well for a bit, but I have resorted to my old ways of eating. I thought I would start tracking calories again after the new year and I was. Unfortunately, I became too embarrassed to even admit what all I was eating. It was bad. SOOOOOO bad and I am just in shock at the downward spiral I am in. I went back to eating lots of sweets, sneaking/hiding food so my husband wouldn't see what I was eating, a couple sodas a day, eating fast food (and not making the healthier choices that are available). I hate to even admit this at all. I must say that I am far from where I was, but if I don't get it under control, I will be right back where I was. I cannot go back there. I was feeling so awesome and loving my new size. I know I wasn't where I should be but my doctors were so happy that I had lost the weight and did it the right way. Now, I am simply ashamed. I have gained only 5-6 lbs back, but that will quickly change if I don't do something now. So, because Lent begins tomorrow, I am going to give up sweets/desserts and get my eating habits back on track. It's going to be hard and it's going to get ugly as my body adjusts to the change, but I have to do this. Now, if you see me out and about and can tell I am even contemplating chocolate or soda or whatever I am drooling over...feel free to yell at me and snap me out of it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eat Dirt
I heard this song the other day and loved it. It's one of those songs that I can totally agree with on one hand and on the other, never want my kids to hear it. Take a listen and see what you think. No one wants there children to experience pain and heartache, but sometimes it truly can be the only way to truly grow. It also reminds me a lot of someone I am close with who will do anything and everything to protect her children from learning things the hard way. She feels that she "messed up" so much as a teen that her children should just listen to her and avoid doing things she did. However, as much as I understand that, sometimes I think children need to learn things by experiencing. Of course, I will never suggest to my boys that they should do certain things and figure it out (ie. drugs, smoking, drinking..). Will they do it? Who knows, but I can guess they will try no matter what I say, but like I said, I will never encourage it. I am speaking more about things that aren't illegal and dangerous, but events that may be difficult.
This song makes me think about helicopter parenting. You know, those parents who hover and swoop in to help even when it may not the best idea. I strongly believe in being there for your children in every instance (what parent doesn't, right?), but children also need to learn how to solve problems, handle heartache, defeat and yes, learn lessons, even if it's not pleasant for them. I will be there to help when I feel it's needed, but you will not find me making excuses when my children lose, fail or struggle. I will be there to comfort, but I will never blame someone else (unless it's truly obvious it is someone's fault of course ;) ). Is this the best way? No clue, but it's going to be my way so yes, I will let my children "eat dirt".

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I just love candid photos when I can really capture the boys playing. They may fight at times, but this is them on a regular basis. Just enjoying each other ♥

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter? What Winter?

One of my favorite things about Virginia is that we get all 4 seasons--just enough to enjoy the weather changes, but not to an extreme (usually). This year is a little odd. We've had some cold temps, but then very above normal temps. Today, for instance, it's almost 70. Feb. 1 and almost 70. My daffodils are starting to come up, trees are budding so everything and everyone is a little confused. Don't get me wrong. I love the warm temps and being able to be outside and be comfortable. BUT, I also love playing in the snow. I mean, my BOYS love playing in the snow. Me, well, I am just too old....but I HAVE to be out there to monitor the boys and make sure they are safe and playing properly. Proper sledding and snowball technique, of course ;)
Well, we've gotten maybe 1/2" of snow and that was gone in no time because the next day, temps were in the 50's so most everyone around here have been begging for snow. I guess we should be careful what we wish for because just a few years ago, it looked like this outside.....

Happy medium???

Monday, January 30, 2012

Adding to the Family

This weekend, we made the decision to add to our family. Two children just aren't enough for us so after much thought and me being very patient (as I was ready weeks ago), we chose to adopt. She's a beautiful 10 month old girl and we are all in love with her. She's very sweet and gentle, but has a little separation anxiety. I think as she gets used to our house to our house and our routines, that will ease up. I really think that she's the perfect fit with our family and will be a great little companion for all of us and particularly the boys.

Meet Sabre :)

I know growing up, having a dog was so perfect for me. I loved having a dog to play with, take for walks, sit with and just to have close by. For me, I wanted the boys to have this as well. After Buffy was hit in September, it was obvious that something was missing from our family. Even though she wasn't playful with the boys and kept to herself, it just wasn't the same. I have missed her terribly and I know the boys have as well. I was ready back in the Fall to adopt, but Jay reminded me that around the holidays was not the best time so I agreed to wait. I have been keeping tabs on the local animal shelter's website to see if there were any dogs that would be good for us and finally went out Friday to look. The first dog I chose to see was very sweet but I found out she was not good with other dogs. I was upset because we go to my sister's and she has 2 dogs so that would have never worked. I was so thankful they were honest with me about that. Then I asked to see a lab/pit bull mix and let's just say, she chose me ♥ She immediately ran over and sat down and put her head in my lap. She was so affectionate and gentle and just so sweet. Jay agreed to go the next day and see if she met his approval and also how she was around the boys. As you can imagine, she was amazing. Troy was a little afraid at first because she immediately ran over to say hello, but he warmed up quickly. Will loved her immediately so we did the paperwork, they gave her a bath and home she came. Troy said later, "Mommy, I love her already" and later I gave Will a kiss and told him I loved him. His reply? "Mommy, I love the dog" so I think this was the perfect time with the perfect dog ♥