Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a Winter

This has been the craziest Winter I can remember. I don't know if I remember anything quite like this.
One day it's snowing, the next it's Spring like temperatures. One day it's cold and raining and then we are out in short sleeves. So odd. However, I am seeing a correlation. Don't know if it's an actual correlation, but hey, I am going to run with it. This Winter has also brought the most sicknesses in our household and exercise, rest, vitamins, hand washing--lots of hand washing, and more is not keeping them away. Since December, I feel like a week hasn't gone by that someone in our house isn't feeling ill. December it was all about that nasty lingering stomach bug. January brought colds. February has been coughing, sneezing, ear infections and the latest--pink eye. And no one is immune to any of it. We are all dealing with it and sharing it with all the family and friends we come in contact with. You are so welcome, by the way.
I feel like I have cleaned and sprayed Lysol, wiped down every inch of this house and yet, it's not helping. Apparently, if you are carrying germs, this just spreads them around. Here's hoping I don't get pink eye like the boys or it could get U-G-L-Y!

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