Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30-40 hours of leisure time...

Hmmmm, how is this for irony. Here I SIT watching TV laughing about how people are getting angry about a study done saying that mother's have more leisure time than they realize--up to 30-40 hours per week. I just have to laugh because I complain all the time about having no time, yet here I sit on the computer, watching TV....you get the picture. Here's the thing though--for me, it's not that I actually HAVE the leisure time, it's more called procrastination. Yes, I am sitting here, playing and enjoying my boys naptime, but I have SOOOOO much I am simply avoiding. Let's see--here's what I should be doing:
1) Cleaning off the desk
2) Filing away paperwork
3) Working on Quicken and organizing receipts
4) sweeping/mopping
5) cleaning bathrooms
6) running or working out
7) putting dishes away
8) organizing the storage area
9) cleaning/organizing the toy room
10) dusting...
Yep--I should be doing all these things, but I think it's easy to see why I MAKE leisure time. If I didn't, I would be exhausted and angry all the time.

Of course, now they are showing a man who wonders what his wife is doing all day. This bothers me because for all you mom's out there (and some dad's too), you know that even if you had all intentions of completing this to do list of yours, you have no control over whether your kids will let you or not. Sure, one day I get everything done and am Captain Productivity, the next, it looks like I have done nothing because my boys need me. I challenge anyone who says that mothers (particularly SAHM's) have it easy to do everything we do for 7 full days. Then we'll talk ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My thoughts on Tiger Woods...

So most of you will say, why do you care? Well, here's the thing.....I love sports and all that is sports, HOWEVER, I get disgusted easily by them (mostly because of the amount pro athletes get paid and how this increases ticket costs, but that's a different post). Also, I have this whole conspiracy theory thing going on. Yep, I said it....I think a lot that happens, whether real or fictional, can give a sport or athlete a publicity boost. SOOOOOO, did Tiger cheat, well he admits it so yeah, but making his return to golf during the Masters?? THE event of the PGA Tour??? Well, let's just say, I think a lot more people will be watching and paying attention this year. I really think that he and the PGA are using this whole scandal to their advantage. Do I care about what he did? Well, I was never a fan so it doesn't change my opinion anyway. Did I need to see an apology--NO--that should have been something to his wife and family, but the media went nuts, so yet again--a boost in publicity and the PGA....Conspiracy? You tell me ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intro to Me

I am giving in to the BlOG. I have resisted and resisted, but yet, here I am--a 30 something year old mom who has gotten hooked on the internet. SIGH. So anyway, I am Valerie, a SAHM (that's stay at home mom just in case you didn't know) of 2 wonderful boys. Troy is my oldest--he's 4 but desperately wants to be an adult and go to work, just like daddy. Why? No clue--but he's fascinated by playing "Go to work" and spends most of his play time doing something like cutting down trees, loading dirt, driving a fork lift (all pretend of course--so don't call and say I am violating child labor laws)....you get the picture. Will is my 16 month old comedian. He'll do anything for a laugh and keeps us all highly entertained. Aggravated as well since he just mocks you when you discipline, but oh well.
Me--I am retired as I like to call it. I am a fanatic of all things sports and used to work as an athletic trainer (you know, the people you see run out on the field when an athlete is injured--you usually just see their butts which is why I worked in high school--no national TV butt shots) and high school teacher. I have given all that up for my family. I miss sports, but have a feeling that soon enough, I will be back on the sidelines--this time as a soccer mom.
So that is me in a nutshell. I have a husband, but he HATES blogging and most things internet, so I will rarely discuss him, but he's there and he's wonderful.