Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30-40 hours of leisure time...

Hmmmm, how is this for irony. Here I SIT watching TV laughing about how people are getting angry about a study done saying that mother's have more leisure time than they realize--up to 30-40 hours per week. I just have to laugh because I complain all the time about having no time, yet here I sit on the computer, watching TV....you get the picture. Here's the thing though--for me, it's not that I actually HAVE the leisure time, it's more called procrastination. Yes, I am sitting here, playing and enjoying my boys naptime, but I have SOOOOO much I am simply avoiding. Let's see--here's what I should be doing:
1) Cleaning off the desk
2) Filing away paperwork
3) Working on Quicken and organizing receipts
4) sweeping/mopping
5) cleaning bathrooms
6) running or working out
7) putting dishes away
8) organizing the storage area
9) cleaning/organizing the toy room
10) dusting...
Yep--I should be doing all these things, but I think it's easy to see why I MAKE leisure time. If I didn't, I would be exhausted and angry all the time.

Of course, now they are showing a man who wonders what his wife is doing all day. This bothers me because for all you mom's out there (and some dad's too), you know that even if you had all intentions of completing this to do list of yours, you have no control over whether your kids will let you or not. Sure, one day I get everything done and am Captain Productivity, the next, it looks like I have done nothing because my boys need me. I challenge anyone who says that mothers (particularly SAHM's) have it easy to do everything we do for 7 full days. Then we'll talk ;)

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  1. leisure time is different as well. Don't forget that. When the working parent comes home, what do they do? they eat dinner, that was made for them, then they take their shoes off,play with the kids and play on the computer, watch tv, do what they want to do. When WE (sahm) have leisure time its 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, 15 minutes there, not just come home and have leisure time for 3 hours before bed. Big difference