Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fat and Happy or Thin and Miserable

I haven't read the article (Self magazine) but it sounds interesting doesn't it? The basic premise is that a woman was taking meds (antipsychotic) that caused her to gain a significant amounts of weight but she was happy. So because of the weight gain, should she have gone off the meds to lose the weight and been miserable?? It's an interesting take on things. I have often wondered if my pursuit of weight loss was worth it. I lost a bit of weight on Weight Watchers about 7 years ago, but I was miserable--starving, bad mood....but I was thinner and got complimented a lot more. Although it's not the same thing as the article--meds weren't an issue, just my metabolism that is fast as a snail, it's kinda the same premise. Is being thin worth being hungry and frustrated all the time. I got to watch my super skinny husband eat tons of food, enjoy dessert, drink beer....all while I drooled over it and hated him for his metabolism.
I am a fitness junkie and it's a good thing because I swear I would be 250 lbs by now if I wasn't. I love working out and am overall healthy because of it--based on lab work--but I also LOVE to eat and not good food at that. So I have found a balance and my weight is steady. The problem--I am over weight by all standards and am very self conscious about it. So what do I do--lose the weight by cutting calories so significantly that I am miserable or walk around overweight and insecure. It's such a frustrating situation. Is there an answer?

Here's the article I was referring to:

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