Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ramblings for today

Very scatterbrained today--lots I am thinking about so this will give you a preview of how my mind works :)

Dancing with the Stars
I am so doing a happy dance right now!!!! Kate is no longer a part of the show!!!!!!! Now I can watch and enjoy! I thought most of the stars did really well Monday night although I missed Niecy Nash and only saw the end of Chad Ochocinco. Both of them in the past were okay so I am assuming that was the same. Erin--loved it!!! Nicole--FANTABULOUS as usual! Pamela--really liked it--actually a fan of her on this show. Evan--I enjoy watching you dance although you're so graceful it's almost annoying. Think you are doing a great job though! Jake--eh, I think you should be gone next. You dancing in your underwear made me a little uncomfortable. We'll see what happens next week. I still predict it will come down to Nicole and Evan.

What is it about this show??? It gets me hooked every time. I am a sucker for music and dance and I do like Madonna so last night was cool (especially the 4 Minutes routine--LOVE THAT SONG). I don't watch every week and don't follow it like many do, but when I catch it--man, hooked!

American Idol
Didn't watch--tend to check the recaps at --much more enjoyable than the show ;) but I just have to say. Getting bored. For me, it's not a problem with the judges--could care less if Paula is back or not. I am getting really bored with the song themes. It's just not songs I recognize? I just figure if it's to create a pop star, they should be able to sing current music. Just my opinion though

Criminal Minds
I love this show--it's awesome in every way. Right up my alley with forensics, profiling....but I just have to say this. I could watch with the sound off--Shemar Moore is that beautiful. I love Wednesdays!!

And most importantly---FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!
My favorite show is finally coming back on May 7!!!

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