Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My How Life Has Changed

Yes, we all know that having children change things. That's a simple fact of life. But what's funny to think about are the silly ways life is now different.
Then--The internet was used to look up lesson plans/ideas, email friends, send jokes, try to stay up on current events, check scores of games...
Now--The internet is a source of social interaction. I rely on it for adult "conversation" particularly with other mothers. And I don't go to sports/news sites anymore unless someone directs me there. And for research--googling "coaching soccer for 4 year olds" or "ways to discipline a child who thinks he's too cute to get into trouble"

Then--weekends consisted of cleaning, having a relaxing dinner with the husband, watching sports, taking long leisurely walks with my dog, shopping, reading, husband and I doing something competitive
Now--Weekends start (well, they did before soccer) with a run with my running group, then home to just entertain the kids so we could get things done around the house--usually consisting of playgrounds, kid centered activities, slow slow walks with the dog, basically anything that wasn't sitting and relaxing.

Then--errands were run at my leisure. I could hang out and visit, chat a bit, take my time and simply enjoy not working.
Now--errands are frantically run trying to avoid messing with naptime, meals or snacks, trying to do everything so Will and Troy weren't bored, complaining, or terrorizing the stores. Basically, errands are done on someone else's schedule (mainly Mom's since she'll watch the boys while I try to get as much done as possible). And I always end up apologizing for Will getting into the displays, pulling things off shelves....

What is always funny to me is that one day, I called my husband at work so excited because I figured out how to push a stroller and pull a wagon carrying 2 loads of laundry to the clothesline. This was a huge feat for me and I was simply shocked that he couldn't understand why I was disturbing his busy schedule??? Yep--I realized that my life was full of new challenges and completely different than all I had known.

Now you may ask why I am complaining about this. It's not complaining--it's simply stating the facts. Would I ever change it? Not a chance! My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me and it's simply me continuing to learn to adjust to life as a mother.

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