Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

So here is my entertainment post. I usually avoid being a couch potato judge, but I feel compelled for some reason. So here's my critique as best as I can:
Kate needs to GO--there I have said it. I can't stand seeing her anymore on the show, in the news, on magazine covers....So please don't vote for her and let her go back home and play with her kids!
Now, I know, some people have said--"Why is she being criticized so much because she's a mom? What about the other celebrities that are parents...?" Here's why--She has, count them, 8 kids--and all of her money has been made because she's a parent of these 8 children. So she just needs to go home and be with those 8 kids. Was she a celebrity before? NOPE. All the other people on the show are actors/athletes/performers....well, minus Jake, but whatever, he doesn't annoy me quite to the extent she does and this is the life they lead. She has enough going on and doesn't need to throw any more reality TV in the mix and her complaints about money--well, maybe you should have invested/saved better with the millions you have made because of your show/book/appearances.
Okay--now for everyone else--Nicole, Pamela, Evan, Chad, Erin...you guys are all amazing (Nicole in particular) and I hope you stick around next week!


  1. You know I share your feelings on this. Although, Jake really annoys the crap out of me too. Mainly because he's... you know... stupid.

  2. ha!! You tell them girl!! I also think Nicole is amaizng but a tthe same time I kinda want her to go. Not because of her personally, her dancing is beyond amaizing, but she IS a dancer. It kinda takes the fun out of it for me. Her job is to dance and sing so no big shocker that the girl can dance. People like Pamela, while she CAN dance that is not her job.