Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Questions and I mean TOTALLY Random

Here are a few things that I have wondered lately. Yes, it will be very random, but well, that's how my mind works (remember Random Thoughts). I probably should just call it, Random complaints by Valerie because well, that's pretty much what it is.
1) Why in the world do they wrap DVDs in cellophane and then put those stupid seals on ALL. 3. EGDES???
2) Why do they now screw toys into the packaging? Was it not enough to put those silly twisty thingies on them? It was already part of my exercise routine wrestling things out of the package and NOW I need a tool?
3) Am I the only person that doesn't get The Office?
4) Do people actually have children that sleep in? None of my friends nearby do, but I see FB friends that seem to post all night so their children have to let them sleep, right?
5) Will Sesame Street ever create more than 5 episodes a season or should I just plan on watching the same ones with Will until he outgrows it?
6) Have thank you notes gone out of style? Would it be rude to actually ask if someone received a gift? I am just curious. Really!
7) Do all boys think it's hysterical to fake burp? Because my 2 seem to think it's the greatest thing. Hoping to break that habit SOON.
8) Would it be asking too much of football players to play year round? I mean, there could be like a 2 week break during March Madness or something.
9) Is it weird that I cry at almost EVERY Disney movie (or at least come close since I hold it in when anyone else is around. I mean, not that I watch children's movies alone or anything.....)
10) And lastly, is it really pathetic that I am devastated that Friday Night Lights is in it's final season?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter traditions

Our yearly Easter tradition may be a little different than yours. Yes, we dye eggs, talk about the Easter Bunny, tell the story of the resurrection, go to church, do Easter egg hunts and spend time with the family. However, our Easter eggs are a tad different. It's something my sister and I have been doing for years and have gotten pretty much anyone we can involved. We strive to create the ugliest egg imaginable. Sure, we try for one pretty one, but our goal is to have our egg voted "Ugliest Egg". I have to say that over the years we have created some pretty hideous ones, however, my niece Isabelle will always have the actual "Ugliest Egg" because somehow she created a black one. No one has been able to reproduce it and she did it purely on accident. I just wish I had a picture of that egg! I think she was around 7 or 8 at the time too so in our eyes, this is an amazing feat as we have been training for YEARS for this competition.
This year was no different and we had our competition including the boys, my niece and nephew. It was some pretty stiff competition and I am sorry to say that this year, I did not win. The votes were all over the place but it was always one of the kids that won. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Pics for your viewing pleasure! Which one has your vote?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was a rough day. A very frustrating, tantrum-y kinda day (the kids AND me). I had all these thoughts about what I was going to post tonight. Was it going to be about how *fun* 2 year olds can be? Would it be about Will's scary incident? Would it be about how I suck at motherhood? I don't know what happened, but my perspective changed. Nothing was said, done, brought to my attention, but I decided that I would share something that would probably make anyone change their perspective. It will make you cry and will be extremely tough to watch. It will make you want to hug your children forever and it will make you realize that however tough things get, you still should be thankful for all these moments--the bad as much as the good. This is a video made by an online friend who lost her son Landan to Menigococcal Meningitis. She does a lot of work with Meningitis Awareness (please check out her page on FB-- and has been very inspirational. Please take a moment to watch:
This post is not meant to make anyone feel guilty for frustrations or aggravations because that's just a normal part of life. It's just meant to help you realize that as hard as it gets as a parent, step back, take a breath and really look at what's in front of you. There's a book that I LOVE to read to my boys "How Do I Love You" and a part says "I love you on your very best and very worst of days" and it's so true. Even when I have a day like today, I still love those 2 boys more than I could ever imagine and I hope that they know it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Year old Fashion Part II

So I posted before about Will's fashion (2 Year Old's Fashion). Those pics don't really show it so I just had to share more. He's obsessed with his rain boots and wears them EVERY DAY. He also really enjoys his PJs with his boots as well. Now that is a sight, but never when I have my camera handy dangit! Today was picture worthy though. The preppy shorts and shirt and muddy rain boots :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Poor Boy :(

I know raising children is tough. I know there are going to be bumps and bruises along the way but it doesn't make it any easier. My boys take after me in that they are accident prone and they take after Jay in that they know one speed--Full Throttle. The combination is not always the best. The other night, Troy was pushing a 4 wheeler down the driveway at full speed. It hit a rock, it stopped, but he did not. I normally don't react when my boys get hurt and try to stay calm to help them stay calm. Let's just say, I saw this happen, threw everything out of my hands and took off after him. His face took the brunt of it as you can see. The picture actually doesn't look bad. In real life, it's very red and scarred--it actually looks like his face is painted

Everyone has been asking him about it so he's getting lots of sympathy, but his teacher mentioned that it didn't look that bad. I was a little shocked because I thought it did. Then I remembered something very important. She raised 2 boys that were very active and she saw a lot of injuries so of course, in comparison this was nothing. That kinda scares me.......

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random thoughts

I am the Queen of random thoughts. Jay is always wondering what is going on in my head because random thoughts just come out and usually they have nothing to do with anything--nothing I was talking about, nothing going on at the time, absolutely nothing. It's quite amusing, but a tad annoying as well. Troy is the SAME way. Much to my delight because now we can annoy Jay as a tag team :) Here is just a snippet of a conversation from the other day.
Troy: "Mommy, why do we only have 2 boys on our soccer team?"
Me: "Well, that's just how the team worked out."
Troy: "Oh okay." "Uh, how far away is the sun?"
Me: "I am not sure. We'll have to look it up but it's a very long way."
Troy: "I want the Easter Bunny to bring me that blue ball for my garden back. I am still so mad that Anaka took it up the slide and broke it. I am going to keep it under my bed so no one can break it."
Me: "Well, then no one can see it and how pretty it is. Why don't we leave it at our house and that way we don't have to worry about it"
Troy: "No. Mommy?"
Me: "Yes Troy."
Troy: "What's the strongest thing on earth? Is it the earth?"
Me: "It depends. Are you talking about animals or machine?"
Troy: "It's the earth. Mommy?"
Me: "Yes Troy"
Troy: "Why doesn't Daddy like your driving?"....

I think you can see where I am going with this. It is amazing that most of our conversations are just like this. What's weird is that most of my conversations with Jay are like this as well. When I look back and read....yeah, we're pretty annoying :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


When you become a parent, you begin to see things differently. Things you once overlooked are now hugely important. Things that once annoyed the crap out of you, now becomes just an everyday occurrence you just handle. Things that were once ugly, you finally see the beauty in them. It's just a natural thing and I can give so many examples but will just give you one. What do you see when you look at this picture?
Yes, you may see just dandelions, annoying weeds that pop up in your lawn that you just want mowed down. As a parent, you see this through your child's eyes--many many tokens of their love for you ♥ There's nothing like seeing your 2 boys picking flowers and hearing them say "These are beautiful and Mommy is going to love them. Cmon! Let's pick them all and really make her happy". Yep, the most beautiful weed I have ever seen from the 2 biggest blessings. Perception changed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Old Am I Again?

I am pretty much figuring out that I will never grow up. NEVER. I simply refuse and I will probably humiliate my children in the process, but that's my right as a parent anyway! Not only do I refuse to stop listening to current music and have been known to dance and sing along in the car to Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, Far East Movement and many others, I get as giddy and excited as a child at the thought of a water park or amusement park. Jay found out a couple weeks ago that he had a meeting to attend at Great Wolf Lodge and that we could go for the night. I could not wait! That place is so much fun (expensive as anything, but oh well) and being there, you can't help but want to run around and act like a 5 year old. I couldn't do everything because Will needed supervision with him only being 2 and all. We didn't think it would be such a good idea to let him play in the toddler area while we hit the water slides so Jay got that honor. He and Troy played in the wave pool, splashed each other in the fountains, got dumped with the huge bucket, went around the lazy river and went down the slides that Troy felt comfortable doing and I just watched, laughed and dreamed of the time when we'll ALL be able to do it. Will and I had a blast in the toddler area and wave pool as well, I just did more people watching and less squealing. And I wasn't at home distracted by chores and phone calls and the computer....BONUS! What amazed me though is the number of parents that just sat there in a chair and played on their phones. I know that children aren't allowed in there alone so they had to be there, but come on--live a little and enjoy acting like a kid again! Jay reminded me that not everyone likes the water and swimming, but still. I felt like saying, "Slowly back away from the phone. Put it down and walk away. It won't hurt at all". I was also amazed at the adults that got ticked when they got wet. One lady sat right next to an area where people were shooting water at others and then got furious and yelled because she got wet. Really. I mean Really????? It's a water park people!!! If you are there on a family vacation, enjoy your family. It may only embarrass them a bit, but that's all part of the fun, right ;)