Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A 2 Year old's Fashion

We never went through this with Troy. He could have cared less and just wore what was laid out for him. He is now a tad pickier since he only wants to wear jeans, but that's as challenging as it gets. Will is complete opposite. He wants full say in what he puts on for the day, including shoes and jacket and which jammers he gets at night. I let him have a lot of say, but will veto if it's not good for the weather or if it's just absolute ridiculousness by my standards--which may not be saying a lot. Here's todays pick:
Do you like the boots with the red pants and that lovely rain coat? (By the way, not raining at ALL)
I had to pick the shirt--I just couldn't let him do his brown striped one with the red pants :)

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