Monday, March 21, 2011

An Update on My Weightloss Journey

I started this journey back in the end of September and I must admit, I really had very little faith in myself. I had tried many times to lose weight and be healthier and I always gave up. Well, I must admit that I have kept up with it. Not that it has been easy and not that I haven't wanted to just say Screw It! and go back to old habits, but I have stuck with it. I am at a major standstill with weight loss right now--I have been stuck at 134 for over a month. Yes, I will have a day that it's down to 132 and even saw a 131 once, but it's consistently hovering at 134. I was getting very frustrated and was going to complain to the JM Weight Loss Board, but I realized that if someone else complained, I would simply tell them to mix up their workout a bit and keep on trucking so that's what I am going to do. I am a few weeks out from finishing my Biggest Loser Wii programs and I am going to mix up my workouts and do some Billy Blanks Cardio Inferno, 30 Day Shred, Zumba and Golds' Gym Dance Coach just to keep my body on it's toes ;)
As frustrated as I am, I do have major successes to share! 1) I am now wearing a size 8! Yep, no more double digits for me! 2) I have lost 3 in. in my hips, 3 in. in my waist and 2 in. in my chest! and 3) I ran an 8K a week ago and averaged a 9:17 mile when I had been running at a 10 min mile pace. I am very pleased, but as awesome as that is, there is one thing that has happened this weekend that made this all worth it. Jay used to hide food/drinks from me. It always infuriated me that he did this mainly because he had no faith in me, but also because he was right for doing it. If I had known where his stash of Coke (the drink, not the drug lol) was, they would have been gone in no time. If I had known where that tube of icing was, I would have eaten that--yes, plain old icing would have been history. It was humiliating! Well, this weekend, Jay brought his stash of Coke and just put it right there in the refrigerator for me to see because he has faith that I will have the willpower to resist it and you know what, I will! It's so embarrassing for me to admit that he even had to do this, but it makes me prouder than anything that my husband has faith in my willpower!

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