Friday, March 4, 2011

We were "THAT" family tonight....

We go out to dinner every Friday night to a local Mexican place. It's a favorite time for all of us--our family, Mom and my sister and her kids. We enjoy it and luckily, the staff knows us well. Tonight, we invited my Great Aunt, cousins, uncle and aunt to join us. I am not so sure that we will be welcome back after tonight though. My boys were WOUND UP and by wound up, I mean, super loud and insanely crazy. In their defense, they were getting all sorts of attention and goading from the family, but it was nuts. I swear that every table in the place was giving us the evil eye and I know that they were thinking I have no control over the boys. Why do I know this? Because it's exactly what I was thinking. My cousin tried to convince me that no one cared and that it was just me that was appalled, but I am not so sure I believe her. It was nice to see everyone, but I am thinking that next time......we may invite them to the house instead! So I guess my question is, if you go to a family restaurant and a family gets a little (okay, A LOT) loud, does it bother you or do you just enjoy the "enthusiasm" (my cousin's very polite word for my boys) of the children?

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  1. As a mother, I believe that we are much more horrified than what others are, making it bigger in our minds than it really is... that being said, if it is a family restaurant, then it should be expected and accepted. (In spite of the evil eyes and the self-inflicted, bad-mommy judgement we place on our self.)Been there, done that.