Monday, March 21, 2011

All About Will

I have noticed that many of my blogs center around Troy and I was trying to figure out why. Well, I know that it's mainly due to the fact that Troy's just older and has done more with saying funny things, being in school and such and he's simply able to do more--period. But another reason is that a lot of what Will does just isn't something that's easy to write about. Yes, it's hysterical or cute, but it's more of how he does something so you truly have to see it to really appreciate it. Jay gets the biggest kick out of playing with Will because he can be so much fun, and he says the most hysterical things, but if I were to just write about it, it wouldn't be as interesting, but if you could see him as he says it or hear how he says it, you would crack up laughing at him. He's just at that age. He's full of himself these days and is really into that copying phase which can be a lot of fun or really challenging depending on what he's copying.....Like for instance, I am finding that boys are just gross. They make weird noises just to make them and in interesting places--the middle of the store, library, church, or when company is around. So as cute as it is to hear Will copy something Troy, Jay or I say, it's not so cute to hear him fake burp or pretend to pee while saying PSSSSSSSSS. And of course, Troy just eggs him on while this is going on.
The one thing that everyone says about Will though is that he sure does love attention--any kind of attention. So, if you laugh at him, he will keep doing it over and over. Example? In church a few weeks ago, the Pastor said "Good Morning" and everyone said it back, except Will said it about 2 sec. later so everyone laughed. He then went on to say it over and over and over and over.....until we finally had to just walk him out of the church for a minute. He definitely thrives on being the center of attention, which from a mom who prefers to stay on the sidelines, is certainly difficult to handle. Basically, right now, the thing we most often say to Will is "Good thing you are soooooo cute...."

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