Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Best Invention. EVER

If someone were to ask you what the best invention of all time, I am sure there are many things that would pop into your head. Television sure is up there for most of us and I can guarantee the computer/internet would be tops on many people's list. And of course, most can't live without that treasured cell phone (Crackberry as we like to call it around here). And what about the microwave. How convenient is that?!?! I live in a very small town and can't imagine life with my van, but of course with gas prices the way they are, I think maybe we'll all go back to horse and buggy days soon. However, as wonderful as all of these are, there is one thing that tops my list. If you are not a mother, you probably could care less, but anyone with young children, you have to admit that I am right.
What is it, you ask? Washable paints. Yep, that's right. The. Best. Invention. Ever.
Why you ask? Let the pictures speak for themselves:

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