Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Questions and I mean TOTALLY Random

Here are a few things that I have wondered lately. Yes, it will be very random, but well, that's how my mind works (remember Random Thoughts). I probably should just call it, Random complaints by Valerie because well, that's pretty much what it is.
1) Why in the world do they wrap DVDs in cellophane and then put those stupid seals on ALL. 3. EGDES???
2) Why do they now screw toys into the packaging? Was it not enough to put those silly twisty thingies on them? It was already part of my exercise routine wrestling things out of the package and NOW I need a tool?
3) Am I the only person that doesn't get The Office?
4) Do people actually have children that sleep in? None of my friends nearby do, but I see FB friends that seem to post all night so their children have to let them sleep, right?
5) Will Sesame Street ever create more than 5 episodes a season or should I just plan on watching the same ones with Will until he outgrows it?
6) Have thank you notes gone out of style? Would it be rude to actually ask if someone received a gift? I am just curious. Really!
7) Do all boys think it's hysterical to fake burp? Because my 2 seem to think it's the greatest thing. Hoping to break that habit SOON.
8) Would it be asking too much of football players to play year round? I mean, there could be like a 2 week break during March Madness or something.
9) Is it weird that I cry at almost EVERY Disney movie (or at least come close since I hold it in when anyone else is around. I mean, not that I watch children's movies alone or anything.....)
10) And lastly, is it really pathetic that I am devastated that Friday Night Lights is in it's final season?


  1. lol those dang screws! I am soooo with you on those things! really?? is it that necessary!!??
    I don't get he Office either, I keep trying to like it and it doesn't work
    Sleeping in for us is 7 and not 6:45 so yay I don't get that either, other then maybe their kids go to bed alter?? i don't know, mine get up at the same time no matter what time they go to bed!

  2. 1) To annoy the hell out of us!
    2) Because, little kids are totally going to steal toys. I see little kids in black outfits and ski masks all the time. (Haha, note sarcasm)
    3) I don't get The Office either. Shhhhh.....
    4) I think the term 'sleep in' is foreign to kids...
    5) You'd think SS would be more creative...
    6) Amen! When did ppl stop saying Thank You??!
    7) Grew up w/2 bros; Yes, yes they do.
    8) Football year round? Yessss! How can we make it so?!
    9) I own just about all of the Disney movies. And I don't have kids. ;)
    10) I don't watch that show, but I can relate. I hate when good shows end!