Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Old Am I Again?

I am pretty much figuring out that I will never grow up. NEVER. I simply refuse and I will probably humiliate my children in the process, but that's my right as a parent anyway! Not only do I refuse to stop listening to current music and have been known to dance and sing along in the car to Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, Far East Movement and many others, I get as giddy and excited as a child at the thought of a water park or amusement park. Jay found out a couple weeks ago that he had a meeting to attend at Great Wolf Lodge and that we could go for the night. I could not wait! That place is so much fun (expensive as anything, but oh well) and being there, you can't help but want to run around and act like a 5 year old. I couldn't do everything because Will needed supervision with him only being 2 and all. We didn't think it would be such a good idea to let him play in the toddler area while we hit the water slides so Jay got that honor. He and Troy played in the wave pool, splashed each other in the fountains, got dumped with the huge bucket, went around the lazy river and went down the slides that Troy felt comfortable doing and I just watched, laughed and dreamed of the time when we'll ALL be able to do it. Will and I had a blast in the toddler area and wave pool as well, I just did more people watching and less squealing. And I wasn't at home distracted by chores and phone calls and the computer....BONUS! What amazed me though is the number of parents that just sat there in a chair and played on their phones. I know that children aren't allowed in there alone so they had to be there, but come on--live a little and enjoy acting like a kid again! Jay reminded me that not everyone likes the water and swimming, but still. I felt like saying, "Slowly back away from the phone. Put it down and walk away. It won't hurt at all". I was also amazed at the adults that got ticked when they got wet. One lady sat right next to an area where people were shooting water at others and then got furious and yelled because she got wet. Really. I mean Really????? It's a water park people!!! If you are there on a family vacation, enjoy your family. It may only embarrass them a bit, but that's all part of the fun, right ;)

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  1. Glad you had fun. It amazes me to see women in swimming pools fussing at children who are splashing...'Careful, I don't want to get my hair wet'. REALLY?'re in a swimming pool full of WATER! :-)
    I enjoy your writings! ...and LOVE your featured pic!