Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intro to Me

I am giving in to the BlOG. I have resisted and resisted, but yet, here I am--a 30 something year old mom who has gotten hooked on the internet. SIGH. So anyway, I am Valerie, a SAHM (that's stay at home mom just in case you didn't know) of 2 wonderful boys. Troy is my oldest--he's 4 but desperately wants to be an adult and go to work, just like daddy. Why? No clue--but he's fascinated by playing "Go to work" and spends most of his play time doing something like cutting down trees, loading dirt, driving a fork lift (all pretend of course--so don't call and say I am violating child labor laws)....you get the picture. Will is my 16 month old comedian. He'll do anything for a laugh and keeps us all highly entertained. Aggravated as well since he just mocks you when you discipline, but oh well.
Me--I am retired as I like to call it. I am a fanatic of all things sports and used to work as an athletic trainer (you know, the people you see run out on the field when an athlete is injured--you usually just see their butts which is why I worked in high school--no national TV butt shots) and high school teacher. I have given all that up for my family. I miss sports, but have a feeling that soon enough, I will be back on the sidelines--this time as a soccer mom.
So that is me in a nutshell. I have a husband, but he HATES blogging and most things internet, so I will rarely discuss him, but he's there and he's wonderful.

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