Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My thoughts on Tiger Woods...

So most of you will say, why do you care? Well, here's the thing.....I love sports and all that is sports, HOWEVER, I get disgusted easily by them (mostly because of the amount pro athletes get paid and how this increases ticket costs, but that's a different post). Also, I have this whole conspiracy theory thing going on. Yep, I said it....I think a lot that happens, whether real or fictional, can give a sport or athlete a publicity boost. SOOOOOO, did Tiger cheat, well he admits it so yeah, but making his return to golf during the Masters?? THE event of the PGA Tour??? Well, let's just say, I think a lot more people will be watching and paying attention this year. I really think that he and the PGA are using this whole scandal to their advantage. Do I care about what he did? Well, I was never a fan so it doesn't change my opinion anyway. Did I need to see an apology--NO--that should have been something to his wife and family, but the media went nuts, so yet again--a boost in publicity and the PGA....Conspiracy? You tell me ;)

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