Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can I Get a Do Over?

This AM started simply enough. Up at 5:45, got in a great circuit training workout, went to shower to find a certain child in my bathroom. Had to wait patiently to be able to move on with my AM routine. Finally get through a shower and off to make breakfast and the phone rings. Nothing major, but my sister is sick and taking off work so I no longer have to get my nephew to and from preschool. You would think that would make my life easier, yet, for some reason I was so thrown off by it. Since we didn't have to rush, I let the boys play longer before leaving for school only to have Will and Troy both resist going at all. Odd,since last night Troy was moaning and groaning saying he wanted to live at school and didn't want to be home.....and then today, he doesn't want to leave home and hates getting ready for school?? Weird, but whatever. I can be a *tad* moody too (just a tad, really). Will decides he would rather stay at home and play guitar so after much pushing, I get them in the car. Finally get Troy to school and use my "free" time to go to Walmart for some groceries and stuff. Drive the 20 minutes there listening to Will moan about how boring Walmart is and how he doesn't want to go and is going to be bad (this after he says he is not going to talk to me anymore???). I get out and realize, in all the chaos of the AM, guess what I don't have? Yep, dealing with the boy's resistance, I left my purse at home. I guess it could have been worse because one time in a sleepy state, I finished shopping and went through the entire line and realized my wallet wasn't in my purse. Gotta look on the positive side, right? So now Will is moaning because he actually DID want to go to Walmart (he's a tad moody too).We head back home and just decide that we'll hang there for a bit and go back later. Fine with me--one of the benefits of staying at home---flexibility! Now, before we left for school, I figured I would get started on the laundry and put the boys clothes in the washer. I go to change them to the dryer and found that Will was soooooo helpful and put his nighttime pull up in the laundry basket instead of the trash can. Have YOU ever washed a diaper--and not a cloth one? This happened once before and it's a MESS. Note to self: don't just dump the clothes in, do it piece by piece. Now Will is groaning because I promised him a snack and I won't stop the clean up to get him one. But again, let's look on the positive side: Will was trying to help and we did used to wash his cloth diapers so it has to be confusing for a 3 year old. So now, I have given up and letting things go to hang out with Will and watch some classic Scooby Doo. It's the cure for what ails ya! Laundry, cleaning the kitchen and Walmart will just have to wait!

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