Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ahhhh Vacation!

I am not going to lie. I had no desire to come home from vacation. Not one little tiny bit. Usually, I am very ready to come home and get back to a normal routine. I miss my family, my home, my dog, my friends....and I did. But there is something about the Thousand Islands that just draws you in and you just long to sit there on the water and watch the sunset or just watch the boats go by. The boys had a blast as well, Jay included. I know that when the boys are older, they will spend much more than a week up there. Yep, I can totally see school ending and Troy, especially, packing and saying, "See ya Mom" and just heading up to spend his summers working for Uncle Shawn and Aunt Karen to come home just in time for the next school year to start. They already talked about it and he's only 5 and was ready to do it this time around! IF I stayed with him of course, but I know those days are numbered.
Anyway, we are home and getting back to a routine and totally missing the Islands. We are missing the family we get to visit up there and just wish that we were all closer! But since we aren't, we just have to appreciate the time that we spend with them when we do get together. And man, do we appreciate it and enjoy it!
What is NOT to love about this. So peaceful!
Gorgeous Views....
Fun with family....
Scenic boat rides.....
Okay, the drive is a little long, but we'll deal :)
As you can tell, he was NOT happy

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