Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am sure mothers (and fathers) around the world hear this often during the summer-- "I'm Bored! There's Nothing To Do!" Really??? Shall we take a look.....

The boys "garage" and "Fire Station" as well as bins of cars and random toys
More trucks, helicopters, balls, books....
Games and art supplies, puzzles (and just junk)
The beloved train table (that also has drawers full of toys)
And the toy store that exploded in our garage
Will's bookshelf with tons of books and puzzles
Troy's book shelf--also tons to read and do
And in the basement, even more stuff to do and watch
You can even find stuff to do in the kitchen!
And last but not least, the "Toy Closet"
Please explain to me how kids can be bored with ALL OF THIS STUFF!!! And that isn't even everything we have. I know what some of you are thinking. "Maybe if you didn't have sooooo much stuff...." and I have to agree, but this is after we weeded out a bunch of toys after Christmas and Easter and sold them! ACK! I also know that many of you are thinking "Wow, she really has no organizational skills at all" and again, I agree 100%. So any tips you may have on how to better organize this wonderful "stuff" are welcome and much appreciated. That is besides the obvious just get rid of it. Trust me, that's crossed my mind....

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