Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Questions Part II

So I asked a bunch in Random Questions and I Mean Totally Random but I have a few more.
1) Why do batteries on toys always seem to die at the same time? I have like 4-5 toys sitting there waiting for me to change them.
2) Why is it that when I work really hard to teach the boys something and Jay comes along and they do it in minutes, he gets ALL the credit? I mean, didn't I help by preparing them for weeks, even months?
3) Why is it that when Daddy is home in the AM, the boys tiptoe around and let him sleep, but when he's at work, they burst in my room at any given time, turn on the light and Will yells, "IS THE KITCHEN OPEN?" (By the way, the answer is no, the kitchen doesn't open until 7)
4) Why don't people respect others opinions and views anymore? I have seen a lot of "fighting" lately and I don't understand why people can't agree to disagree.
5) Am I the only person who has never read or seen a Harry Potter? (and please don't throw things at me for admitting this)
6) Will the temperatures ever be pleasant again?
7) My boys love Caillou. I do not. I would if someone can answer this question: Will the makers of Caillou PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a different voice for that whiny kid?
8) Please tell me that Friday Night Lights is really coming back next season? (Yes, I am still upset about this)
9) Is it wrong that right now I don't feel the least bit upset that Troy is going to Kindergarten this year? I know I will miss him, but I am so excited for him and what he's going to be learning/doing.
10) Is it bad that I am excited about Troy opting to do Tae Kwan Do so that I can live vicariously through him?

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  1. NEVER SEEN OR READ A HARRY POTTER???!!! Well, there's the end of that friendship. Hahaha. JK! I thought HP was a bunch of kids' books until I read them. First 2, for older kids. The rest, for adults. Great fantasy, if you like fantasy. But, not for everyone. I won't judge. :)