Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boys--Oh the Joys....

I do not have daughters so I don't know if it would be any different, but since I am a woman (although Will doesn't think so as he told me the other day when I dressed up, "Mommy, you look like a girl!!!"--either he's very confused or I just really don't dress up enough--I am a Stay at home mom you know...), I can honestly say that I don't think mom's of girls have to go through this. I am sure I will be corrected by my mom but well, I was a tomboy so that's different.
* It's something I have talked about many many times. Oh the GAS--they are constantly burping, tooting, FAKE burping or tooting or simply talking about it. At any time--at the table, church, in school......AAUUGGHHHH!!! And nothing discourages it!
* They do.not.sit.still. EVER! And the more tired they get, the more they move. I remember my cousin who has 3 boys (she does have a girl now, but at the time it was all boys) saying that she used to watch all the little girls sitting nicely and playing or coloring while her boys climbed the walls and hung from the curtains. YES! I learned that this is soooooo true. My niece would sit and color or play quietly (well, she talks a lot, but she sits still) while Troy would be demolishing something, running, jumping......
* And to continue with the do people have handmedowns for clothes or toys for boys? How?!?!?! Nothing lasts because the boys are always dirty and stained and treat everything as if it were a tool (hammers or axes normally) so everything is broken from being used to "fix" things
* and lastly, why do all of the pictures turn out like this:

 Now, with all this being said I have to say that although boys are challenging and can drive me nuts, I have some confessions to make:
* I do find myself giggling at the gas thing--not all the time, but I do. Just to clarify it's just funny when the boys do it
* I cannot sit still for long so this actually may come natural to them.....
* I should show you a picture of my sweatshirt last night--it's covered in BBQ sauce because I simply am a mess. My mom used to always say that she could tell what I had been doing and eating all day...Most of my clothes are stained actually???? HMMMMM
So I guess, it's not that bad. Boys are pretty cool and fun. I mean, I pretty much just negated everything I just said and I turned out okay, right? ;)

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