Thursday, September 1, 2011

11 months into Healthier Living

It's been around 11 months since I started my weight loss and overall healthier living. 11 LONG months of exercise, healthier eating, keeping a food diary, plateaus, successes, frustrations....and I can report that it was all worth it! I hit my goal weight this morning. My ultimate goal weight--not just my initial goal. Bye Bye 30 pounds of excess yuck! Of course, I could still lose 5-10 more pounds. Of course I am not model thin. Of course my body is very different since having children, but I am 30 lbs lighter, a size 6, exercising machine :) I feel better than I have in ages and I swear I am in better shape cardiovascularly than I have EVER been, including my cross country days. I would love to get a physical and find out how I am doing with cholesterol and such, but thanks to insurance limitations, that will have to wait, but I can pretty much tell you that my doctor would be very pleased. I must admit that my diet is still a problem, but I can safely say that I am nowhere near the 2500-3000+ calorie days and that my bad days are 1800-2000 calories only. That is a huge change and although I have lots of work to do on diet, I have come a very long way. I will never have the perfect "clean" diet, but the focus is on much healthier foods with the fun stuff thrown in rather than lots of fun stuff with a carrot here and there.....Man, looking back I just don't even know how I could ever eat that way!
Exercise has always come easy because I enjoy it and like being active and that will continue as long as this body is able. We had a 4 mile Fun Run/Walk last weekend and our oldest competitor was 90! That is going to be me ;) That's my goal anyway!

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I hope I can drop my 90+ lbs that I want to lose!