Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Problem with Being a SAHM

I love being a SAHM. There are times when I wish I did work just for the extra money and responsibility and then I think about it. That money I would make would go to child care anyway so it really doesn't make sense unless I got a job making a good amount (which wouldn't happen as I let all my certifications go). Also, then I would just stress about when I would be able to clean, cook, do laundry, run errands...etc. Sometimes I truly don't understand how working moms do it?? I know there's a huge debate about what's better and in my opinion, there truly is no right answer. I personally think working moms and single moms are amazing! I just don't know how they manage sometimes. But anyway, back to my original idea:
The problem with being a SAHM? For me, I get so excited for holidays and school breaks because that means the boys and I have more people to play with and I am always left a little blah. I forget that for my family and friends that aren't SAHM's:
1) May not get much of a break at all
2) Usually have TONS of stuff they need to do (appts, errands, projects..)
3) Want to just enjoy their family and time off
4) Actually want to be at home

I personally get bored being at home, so I plan a lot of activities to get out of the house and take advantage of the time I get with the boys. Plus, the more I am at home, the more projects I see that need attention so I work more on that and the boys entertain themselves. Therefore, I get out of the house so I can focus on fun (and procrastinate a bit). However, I know my sister and her kids just enjoy not being on the go and running here, there and everywhere. So when I get a big idea to do something fun, I forget that it's not actually fun for her--she would rather be home where the kids can actually enjoy their own toys and she can simply enjoy her own home. Like I said, I enjoy staying at home with the boys, but that doesn't mean I actually HAVE to stay in my house all the time. Plus, it gives me time to be more social and actually talk to people and not just those I chat with through or Facebook (or my imaginary friends as the husband calls them on occasion)--as great as they may be ;)

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