Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Goals for 2012

I guess you could call them resolutions, but whatever you call them, here they are. I do okay with most of my goals but there are a few that have gotten me each and every time I make them so maybe if I write them down, I will feel more accountable and follow through. So here goes:
1) STOP YELLING (or at least only yell when I really need to)!!!! This gets me every time. I am so horrible with this and fly off the handle so quickly with the boys. It's embarrassing when I think about what the neighbors have heard. I do not curse and don't say hurtful things but I feel like everything I say, I say LOUDLY! So, my first goal is to calm down, take a breath and stop yelling. I know this one is a necessity because I see, rather HEAR the boys copying me.

2) And on those lines--learn the fantastic skill of patience. Every time I read about a parent who says they have learned patience since having children, I want to know how? I feel like my patience went from minimal to nil (hence my #1 Goal to stop yelling). I must have missed this one in parenting classes.

3) Last year, I lost a good amount of weight and reached my goal of 125 lbs. I went from a 12 to a 6 and was so excited. Well, after my surgery in October, I hit a really really really bad place and my exercise pretty much stopped and my eating habits went to pot. Every time I say I will get back to the way I was, I find myself stuffing fudge or a cookie, or a brownie or ice cream (or all of it....) into my mouth. How I have only gained back 4 lbs I don't know. I am holding onto the 120's, but I can see the 130's battling their way back. Tomorrow, I get back to the way I was last year. Am I giving up the sweets? Heck no. But I lost a lot of weight with portion control so I will lose those pounds that creeped back up and hold on for dear life! I will be back!

So there you have it. Goals/Resolutions for 2012. I know if the husband were to read these, he would bet money that I would be yelling within 30 minutes so I must prove him wrong!

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