Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleaning made FUN!

Last Friday, the vacuum fairy (AKA my mother) left a Roomba on my doorstep. The vacuum fairy just loved hers and knew that my house would greatly benefit from it. The boys have been begging me to let "Mighty Mac" (Troy's name for it) do his thing and I finally got around to it today. At first, I was frustrated because the boys were very resistant to picking up their toys to give "Mighty Mac" room to work, but after the threat of the toys finding a new home, the task was complete (with still much grumping). I think we may have found a new way to get the boys to help because I think they enjoyed it. Maybe now when I want them to pick up the toys I just have to say "Mighty Mac to the rescue!!!" Let's just hope the novelty doesn't wear off :D Thanks Vacuum Fairy!

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