Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Sponges

Children are little sponges--they absorb everything you say and do. Sometimes this isn't the best thing like when your children repeat words or lyrics that may not be so nice for a preschooler or toddler. Or when you hear your preschooler scream at his brother in such a way you are appalled and then realize they are just repeating what you did (not that this has happened to me.....). You certainly learn a lot about yourself when you have children! However, there are times when you find yourself bursting with pride at the things they have picked up on. Today was one of the days I was bursting with pride. Troy generally is a very nice, sweet child. He has his moments, but for the most part, I am very proud of his behavior. Will is a typical 2 year old and we have been having major struggles lately. He has really been testing the boundaries and pretty much driving me up a wall. I have had thoughts of calling Supernanny. Kidding! Well, kinda anyway. Well this morning, he did something I was so amazed and proud of. We are a church going family and pray before meals and at bedtime. Lately, Will has been using bedtime prayer to delay (or so I thought) the inevitable. He will continuously ask me to keep praying so I do because it's hard to deny that. This morning, I left him sitting on the futon for a moment. When I came back, he was sitting there with his hands clasped and moving his lips in silence. I asked what he was doing and he replied, "Praying. Auntie Jack" and just smiled. I melted--one big huge puddle I was. This is my sister he was praying for--my sister whose husband is deployed to Iraq. My sister who is a teacher and now a single mom of 2 young children for the time being who has been under a lot of stress. My sister who just recently found out that Iraq is still a very dangerous place (nothing to my brother in law, but nearby). My sister who was in need of prayer and my 2 year old on his own, said a prayer in his own way. Talk about being a proud Mommy. I love that they are little sponges--for the good and the bad!

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