Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something to be reminded of...

Valentine's Day has come and gone and once again, I heard and read stories about people frantically searching for the right gift to give their loved ones or of those feeling sad because they were "alone" this year. This is one of the main reasons I don't enjoy Valentine's Day. There is so much pressure to give just the right gift or do the right thing and for those who are single, it's even worse because then you get to see all of this happening and feel left out. SIGH Just not a fan of it and never have been. Jay and I don't do gifts so the pressure is off of both of us. What's really ironic is that our anniversary is 2/15 so people used to give me a hard time about making this so tough on him--"a Valentine's Day gift AND anniversary gift, now that's just cruel". News flash--I don't do anniversary gifts either so I think it was perfect timing to get married. We just have a nice evening out when it suits and celebrate making it another year! Having children though does help me enjoy Valentine's Day more because it's fun to watch the boys make gifts for family and friends. They get very excited about doing it and I know that for a few years anyway, this will just get better as we get to try more crafts and fun ideas.
However, I read something today that made me realize something. We often ignore the person we should love the most--ourselves. A friend posted this link on Facebook and it really hit me that maybe Valentine's Day shouldn't be about just our love for others but also our love for ourselves. Rather than worrying so much about the perfect gift for a significant other, maybe it would be better to pledge to do something to show more love for yourself? This way EVERYONE can enjoy the day rather than feeling lonely, sad, pressured....So next year when this time rolls around again, go ahead and find something for others, just don't forget to feed your own heart and soul.

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  1. Love this reminder... thank you for sharing!!!
    My nine-year-old has a "girl-friend" this year, it was way more fun than I ever remembered it being. :)