Monday, February 7, 2011

Random thoughts while sick

Over these 3 days with the flu (5 really, but days 4 and 5, I was much more able to do things around the house), I had a lot of time to reflect since I pretty much laid there, watching tv or sleeping. Here are some random thoughts by sick Valerie:
1) I am very lucky. EXTREMELY lucky to have family close by and able to help. I take this for granted way too much.
2) Because of #1, I realize that I can't imagine living anywhere where I don't have family nearby. For my friends and family that don't have this, I just can't imagine how tough things must be in times like this.
3) Also because of #1, I also have more respect (and I had a ton to begin with) for single parents (including military spouses). No, the husband didn't help every day, but when he could, he did and he did everything!
4) I really really hate asking for help, even when I need to.
5) I missed my boys so much. It was so nice having them come home even though I couldn't really do anything with them. I just loved seeing them and having them ask me if I was feeling better.
6) Daytime TV is really not that good. We don't have much on the Dish so I was just watching network, but really? I remember how I used to love morning TV shows??
7) When I am sick, it really takes me back to my crappy eating habits and they are really hard to break.
8) I know for a fact now that I am addicted to exercise. When I couldn't work out, it was killing me and I couldn't wait to get back to my routine.
9) Back to TV, although most TV did stink, I really found that I love The Talk on CBS. I liked it before, but after watching it without being distracted.....I LOVE it!
10) I am the biggest wimp when I am sick and it's rather pathetic
11) Our house is REALLY unorganized and there is just stuff everywhere. There has to be a yard sale to be had or something?
12) Our bed is extremely uncomfortable, but the recliner is very nice indeed.
13) I wish they made (and maybe they do???) a 6 DVD changer so I could have put in a bunch of movies and still kept my lazy sick butt in the recliner.
14) When your head hurts really bad, it feels like it weighs like 100 lbs. I can't even imagine a migraine
15) A nice hot shower is heaven

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