Friday, February 18, 2011


I am the person who knows exactly what to do to lose weight, build endurance and strength, to basically get in shape. However, I have always had major issues with willpower and self doubt. I have tried the lifestyle changing thing many many many many....times and have never been successful for the long term. Something would happen to make me go back to the way things were--stress, having a bad day and just figuring I should just give up, getting tired of feeling hungry... This time, I was determined to do things the right way and for months I did well with my exercise and better (I thought) with my eating habits, but the weight hit a point and wouldn't budge. I was very frustrated and had thoughts about giving up AGAIN, but went to a weight loss forum on JustMommies where I learned about My Fitness Pal. I have written about it before and mentioned how it helped me realize that my eating habits still were not great and once I started tracking my diet, I started losing again. I am down to 137 lbs and I just dropped a pants size!!! It was the coolest feeling ever to pick up a smaller size and instead of getting upset because I couldn't get them over my hips, I pulled them up and buttoned them without any problems. AAAAHHHHH SUCCESS! Now I truly feel like I can achieve my long term goal and get down to 125 lbs and maybe just maybe a size 8! That is the one downfall of weightloss. Given my struggles, I gave all my clothes away and now will need to spend money I shouldn't be spending on new clothes. However, Jay is being very sweet about it all and even went shopping with me yesterday and encouraged me to buy more ♥ Love that man!
Next weekend, I will meet my first real challenge. The holidays were tough, but the willpower kicked in and I did very well. Next week, we go away for a long weekend and I have to somehow manage to stick to things faced with fast food and no real chance to exercise.....

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