Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Do They Do This?

Okay, so I pretty much know what the dad's are going to say, but I want to know why children REALLY act so differently for dad's than they do for mom's. Yeah yeah, I know you dad's say it's just because they like you better or you have that special touch or that you are a better parent...yada yada yada. But really, why is this the case? Almost every mom I have talked to says that this goes on in their household too. Here are just a few examples:
1) Why does Dad get privacy when he goes to the bathroom and shuts the door? When I go in there and shut the door, I have to spend the entire time asking them to stop trying to get in or holding the door shut. But Daddy goes in, shuts the door and they go on about their business.
2) When I put Will to bed, he talks my ear off, doesn't want me to put him down, pokes me in the eyes, pinches my nose.....BUT when Daddy puts him to bed, they do a story, sit in the chair and Will either falls asleep or just goes to bed when Daddy says it's time.
3) Errands for me just aren't that fun with the kids in tow. The boys act silly, Will runs down the aisle (which is why I always buckle him in to something), grab things off the shelf. When they are with Daddy, they simply walk with him and may get silly, but don't overdo it.
4) If I take the boys out to dinner and it's just me, it's complete insanity and Troy ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom the minute we get settled even if I asked him if he had to go. When they are with both of us, just a little silliness. This is why I always call for backup :) (Thanks Mom)
....I could go on and on with differences. Whenever I bring it up to Jay, I get the grin and he says, "Don't hate. I just have the touch." One day, I am going to wallop him!
And while I am ranting, why do people treat/look at Mom's differently when you are out and about. Here's a perfect example. My sister in law has 4 girls and takes them out regularly. Someone always has to make a comment about how many kids she has or if she was trying for a boy or they make comments about a house full of girls (you can imagine)...She's divorced now, but when her ex husband took them out, the comments were so much more positive. "Oh wow! Your wife is so lucky that you take all of the children out." "What an amazing father you are." "Your children are so well behaved".....Nothing negative or derogatory at all. Why is it different?

But anyway, back to the original question. I pretty much know the answer, but I guess I wonder, is this the case in your house as well? It's pretty much the consensus of my small group of friends.

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