Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Never Thought It Would Happen

I haven't updated on my weight loss journey in a long time. Mainly, I was just too frustrated because I was stuck. I hit a plateau and just couldn't do anything to get past it. Unfortunately, I did exactly what I didn't want to do and turned to food. I never went back to my old habits thankfully, but I definitely started on a bad path. I began snacking on sweets again and would justify it. "Oh it's only a Hershey Miniature. I can have 2 of those, no problem" and then would do that multiple times a day. I was so angry and frustrated with myself but things are okay. I didn't get back to my 2500-3000 calorie a day habit and I didn't stop exercising. I actually did more since my habits were bad. I don't know exactly how it happened, but somehow over the past 2 weeks I got through this plateau and lost a couple more pounds and have officially reached my initial goal weight of 130 lbs. I went from a tight size 12 and now can wear a 6 or 8 depending on the brand/cut. I wear medium shirts and feel better than I have in years. My cardio has significantly improved and I can now consistently run a 9:30min mile (I was at about a 10:00) and I feel strong. I am still going to continue to exercise and I am going to get back on track but not stress so much. I will NEVER go back to the old habits, that I am sure of, but I won't beat myself up about having more calories than I am allotted on www.myfitnesspal.com. I am still going to try to get rid of the last 5 lbs but honestly, if I can stay here, I am fine. I want to post before and after pics, but I rarely get in front of the camera so that will come later :)

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