Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love this time of year!

There is so much about this time of year that I love. I love the warm weather and the pools opening. Our heat wave (almost 100 today!) has made the pool tolerable already....in May...WOW! I love that schools are ending which means we have trips to the playground planned. My sister is out of school soon and although she's going to be very busy with getting ready for her husband to come home from Iraq (no date set, but soon hopefully) and vacations, we'll still get to see her and my niece and nephew more often! I love that the boys can be in shorts and tees and sandals/crocs. Most of all, I love that we are *this* much closer to vacation.....and so are the boys and Jay. It feels so far, yet, it's going to come up before we know it, so Thousand Islands......see you soon!!!!! And so, to really get ready for vacation, here are some pictures from vacations of years past.
Will's first boat ride
The view!
Troy checking out the Fire Boat at Wellesley Island
Isn't it just gorgeous!?
Another view

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