Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a week!

The boys are at Vacation Bible School all week and I have been teaching the 3 and 4 year olds (and Will who refused to stay with "Squeeze" (Ms. Louise but for some reason he refuses to call her that). It has been exhausting and I am learning probably just as much as they are.
* Troy is a totally different child this year so I am feeling much more confident about him starting school. Will there be issues? Sure. But given the fact that there has been so much less anxiety for him this year and being told by a few people how much of a leader he is really helps ease my mind.
* Will is probably more ready for preschool than I give him credit for. Don't get me wrong, he's still not going this year, but I think he could handle it. He's actually been a decent little "student"
* I am NOT meant to teach young ages. I had a lot of respect for Preschool teachers before, but it's even more so now. 3s and 4s are TOUGH! Or I am just really a bad teacher, which is very well possible. I taught high school for 5 years and would take a class of 20 freshman any day LOL
* VBS is exhausting. My boys have been so beat. Troy went to bed at 6:45 the other night--and it was his idea. I was very much on board, but still, he sent himself to bed. And many of the other kids were definitely showing signs of the same.
* As much as I love the VBS music and cute songs, I should not be the one singing loudly....Let's hope no one has me on video or audio. Luckily, people keep reminding me that God doesn't mind (although everyone else around me probably does)
* Giving 3 year olds their own containers of bubbles.....not a great idea or at least have lots of paper towels handy (luckily we were outside)
* Next year, if I am asked to teach again, I will bring LOTS more playdough and study how to make really cool things with blocks as this was much more entertaining than my re enactments of bible stories. Although, I really think I did a wonderful rendition of the Good Samaritan.
* As much as I struggled teaching the youngsters, I realized that I miss teaching and regret letting my certificate go :( I wonder how much it would cost to get my certification back (and I wonder if Jay will read this and wonder what I am thinking and knock sense into me?)

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