Thursday, July 8, 2010

Children are Amazing

Children never fail to amaze me. It seems you hear about children who are lazy, greedy, unappreciative....all the time. It can be frustrating to hear and deal with because of course, all children (all people really) can be like this every now and then. Some just more than others. I have seen many examples of children being more caring, compassionate and thoughtful and felt the need to share some.
My young cousin is a prime example of this. He is always thinking of others and is one of the most loved children at his school. Every year, he picks a cause and has a bake sale at a local pasture party and donates all proceeds. It's amazing because people will come out specifically looking to help him. How old is he? Under 10 (I can never keep up with exact--sorry) and it's all his idea and he's already been doing it for a few years.

There is a local child who sets up a lemonade stand and donates money for cancer research.

My nieces set up a lemonade stand to help those affected after Hurricane Katrina. They also will raise money by doing chores for others who may need help.

And of course, I have to put in a story about my own flesh and blood....
Troy and my niece Anaka are setting up a cookie and lemonade stand while my sister has a yard sale to raise money to give to our local animal shelter. That in itself amazes me since they are so young (Anaka will be 5 next week, and Troy is 4) but what's more amazing is how so many other children in the neighborhood want to help. None of them are asking for a dime to go into their own pockets. Yep, children have the biggest hearts for being so small ♥

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