Friday, July 2, 2010

Country living

I am from a very small town. Growing up, I hated it. I loved my family and friends, but was bored to tears. I just didn't enjoy hanging out at the 7-11 or at someone's house. I wanted to go out, have fun, do new things all the time and that just wasn't going to happen here. After college, I decided it was time to move, and move far away. I left VA and moved to TN--right outside of Nashville and loved it. It was hard being away from my family, but I loved being near a huge city. Then I ended up years later outside of Raleigh and was very happy. Not only because of the city, but it is where I met my husband. We didn't do a lot, but we had so much available to us--sporting events (our favorite), museums, concerts, tons of choices for shopping and eating, was awesome. However, there was one problem. There was no space, no privacy, no land....Both my husband and I loved what was available to us but we were so tired of waking up to our neighbors playing basketball or just talking. It was ridiculous how close they were but there just wasn't opportunity for land there so what did we do? We moved right back to the hometown I swore I would never live in again. I loved coming back to visit, but I never thought I would enjoy living here again. Man, was I wrong! There are some things thatstill frustrate me about our hometown (mainly there really is nothing for children here--with all this land you would think someone would create a park, but that's a whole different post) but overall, I wouldn't change it. We have a lot of family who surround us, a wonderful yard for the boys to enjoy, and neighbors that are close enough to be friendly, but not right by our windows. We have access to a small playground, a local farm where we can go feed the animals and a library. Really, what more do we need? I look back now and just don't understand why I wanted to leave so badly? I guess I needed to experience "city life" and to be on my own to finally appreciate my hometown. Plus, I have to say that after living in 4 beautiful states (VA, TN, KY, and NC), nowhere has been more beautiful than right here.
Just a few pictures to prove it:
Here is the view around my Mom's

This is the view from where we will be building someday

The entrance to my neighborhood

Our front yard

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