Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My love/hate relationship with sports

I am a sports fanatic. Like, HUGE. It's very unbelieveable to many people how much I love sports and enjoy watching or playing. Correction--attempting to play. What do I love about them you ask?
Let me just count the ways:
1) I love competition--it's just exciting to watch 2 teams or 2 individuals go head to head
2) I am always in awe of the talent people can acquire or have naturally. I know many athletes are born, but I have seen a number of athletes develop and become amazing to watch. It's fascinating
3) I enjoy the mental aspects of sports--many people don't realize the strategy and amount of "pre-thinking" that goes into most.
4) They are just exciting to watch/play
5) I really enjoy the technical sports--gymnastics, diving....I am definitely most in awe of these types of sports.
6) I have a passion for exercise and activity so it's just a good fit
7) There are many life lessons that are taught in sports--discipline, teamwork, healthy living, strategy....
....I could go on but this gives you a good idea
However, I have huge problems with sports and tend to get disgusted by them at the same time. My biggest problem is the money--the money the pro athletes make and the amount of money you have to pay just to watch them. I know this goes hand in hand, but I don't know which came first here. Yes, athletes are very talented. Yes, athletics is entertaining. Yes, there is the audience that feeds it. However, just because you are very talented in a sport, I don't think you should be making more money then the man (or woman when the time comes) who runs the entire country. I don't think 200+million over 10 years is really a feasible amount, but hey that's just me. I have more problems too (I know, SURPRISE!). Do high school athletes need to practice/play 7 days a week. No way in the world. I don't even feel like they need to do something 6 days a week. What happened to days for rest? What happened to days a child could spend being with family or GASP, just being a child? When did sports at the young level almost become a job? I worked in athletics as an athletic trainer for years and saw this transition from being an extracurricular activity to being insane expectations on young athletes. I do wonder what we'll do when Troy and Will are old enough (if they follow in our footsteps and play a sport) and they are required to practice/play on weekends, Sundays especially. HMMMMM I will end with this last complaint. When did it become necessary to "specialize" in a sport. Why play one year round? Why not try different sports and see how aspects of one sport help in another? Why coaches don't want their athletes honing skills or learning skills that could benefit them in another way, I will never understand. Of course, they say they're afraid this athlete will get hurt, however when they don't have days to rest/recovery, this may be a moot point anyway due to the number of overuse injuries that occur anyway....
Yes, I definitely have a love/hate relationship.

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