Sunday, July 25, 2010


Vacation is over :( Why is it that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? We are all exhausted and for good reason. Let's just give you a general idea of what the last week had in store. shall we....
Saturday night--leave at 9:00PM and arrive in the Thousand Islands at 5:30AM. Yep, absolutely great trip, very little problems, but NO ONE IS AWAKE! Have to entertain the boys for a few hours but that isn't that hard really. We did this with a kayak ride, playing in the sand, fishing, and breakfast...all before 9AM. Luckily the house was quiet and we were able to take naps and recover before the rest of the family came in.
Monday-Friday--these days were filled with tons of fun. Boat rides, kayak rides, fishing, jetski rides, 4wheeling, Gator rides, playing in the water and sand, playing with the cousins, going to the playground, going out for ice cream, running through the house, going to bed way too late, getting up way too early....and that was just the adults LOL. As you can see, there was never a dull moment. Unfortunately, Troy came down with a pretty good fever but we decided to leave Friday night and hope that the drive home was just as good as the drive there. Not so much. It started off wonderfully. I drove for 3 hours in peace and quiet. Then all hell broke loose. We made the pit stop and got back on the road. About 30 minutes in, Troy's screaming and threw up everywhere. Yep, it's 1AM and we are on the side of I81 cleaning up puke. YAY! Luckily we took an extra car seat so we just switched out, changed Troy's clothes and started back on the road. Between 1 and 2:30AM there was lots of crying, whining, complaining, and yes, another stop to throw up :( Finally, there was some quiet for a short bit. Then at 5:00AM, the whining, crying and complaining started again. We finally made it home around 7AM and we were all ready to be out of that van. We loved vacation, we loved our time with our family and in the Islands, but WHEW! There's a reason why we only do this once a year.

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