Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I May Just SAH...

Suddenly I am finding myself very busy. I always tell people "I am just a stay at home Mom so I have plenty of time and flexibility." Yes, this is true in a way, however, I keep adding stuff to my plate and am realizing that although I don't work, I don't JUST stay at home either. I do have a lot more free time than my working mom friends and family. Yes, I do have more flexibility, but I think I have to stop saying "JUST a stay at home mom". At this moment, I am JUST a SAHM, Sunday School chair, Communications Chair at church, a member of the PINKS--a group that plans a training program for a race that recently took place, U6 Soccer Commissioner, soccer coach and then of course, the other usual things that go with being a SAHM. You know, housekeeper, taxi driver, event planner, teacher, story teller, cook, secretary...... I am in no way saying that I have it harder than working mothers (there is no way I could ever think that after watching my sister and all that she does), but I think I have to give myself a tad more credit.

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