Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silly Lessons

When you become a parent, you are always asked about what you have learned or how you have changed. There are so many standard answers because they are true--you learn that you have so much love that you feel like you could burst, you learn that your life now belongs to your children, you learn how to function on little sleep......These are huge life lessons for any parent, but there are many things you learn that seem a bit silly, yet, when you talk with non parents--well, they just don't understand.
1) I know so much about the Wiggles--who wears which color, words to the songs, the dances....
2) I know most of the names to the Thomas the Train engines
3) There are many books I can recite from memory--Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs and Ham, most of Eric Carle's....
4) I now know the difference between a grader, scraper, track excavator and bull dozer (this is probably the most important to my boys)
5) I have learned how to do the all important Cookie Monster voice since Will loves for Cookie Monster to brush his teeth (Cowabunga!). I have yet to master Grover, unfortunately, much to Troy's dismay.
6) I have learned that PBS has awesome cartoons, however kids don't care about repeats so I get to see the same Sesame Street episodes every week. (I mean, really, can't you show more that the 4 I see???)
7) Whenever you take your children alone out to eat. One of them will need to go to the restroom right after the food gets there or right after your youngest is FINALLY happy. So I have finally learned to make Troy try before we even sit down.
8) Another very important one--the food on your plate is ALWAYS better even if they have the same on their plate
9) This is one that took me a while but I finally get it--if you want your child to start playing with a toy, just pretend you are finally getting rid of it and it will become their favorite.
and lastly (although there are TONS more)
10) No place will ever be as fun as Granny's. Period.

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