Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our adventure!

I went to school near Skyline Drive which means that when given the chance, off to the mountains we would go. I hiked a bit by myself, but that got me lectured by many people so I didn't go as much as I had wanted, but still got a lot of time in the mountains. There are so many choices of hikes and I did many of them and have my favorites. This is something that I have missed. Jay and I just don't take the time to go when we get the chance and we usually avoid taking the boys because there is so much more thinking/prep involved and of course, you have to worry about naps, meals, snacks, ..... so basically, we just don't go. We talk about it, but it just doesn't happen. Labor Day, we decided this should change so we pack lunches, snacks, water, jackets (just in case), the camera, and of course, the boys and take off in the AM for a beautiful day in the mountains. Of course, Troy had his own ideas. "Mom, I want to go over a smooth mountain, not a bumpy one". Um, have no idea, but sure, that's what we'll do I guess. We get there and there are just a few other people there (can you since the sarcasm--Labor Day, gorgeous weather=no parking) so we finally create a space (thank you SUV) and start our adventure. Will, being Mr. Independent, had to walk himself and step on every rock, try to throw many and tripped more than he walked. So our hike was a tad on the slow side, but we didn't care. We just loved the fact that the boys and Buffy were enjoying themselves immensely as were we. We didn't go far at all, but just watching the boys want to play down by the creek, walk and explore was enough to give us hope that our future will be filled with them wanting to try all the hikes I used to do. If there is one thing I want them to inherit from me, it's my love of being outside and exploring. So far, so good.
The hike
"Walk!" Will had to do it himself
Troy patiently waiting for little brother to catch up

Even the 13 year old deaf and almost completely blind dog (my Buffy girl) enjoyed herself

Will finally agreed to be carried

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