Friday, November 12, 2010

And it continues...

So yesterday, I got the "I just like daddy better than you." Today, it continues and is worse. I really don't know why Troy is saying these things. I know that anyone I talk to will say one of a few things:
1) Don't take it personal.
2) He didn't really mean it.
3) Aww. He loves you too though.
But my replies:
1) I can't help but take it personal. He's saying what he feels. We always talk about how refreshingly honest children can be.
2) Yes, he did mean it. He gets tired of me by the end of the week and it shows every week. Not normally like this, but it shows. Then he gets his day with Granny and it's all good. This week, he's not getting a day (Granny's on a much needed vacation to the beach) and so he does want to get away from me.
3) I know he loves me, but he just doesn't like me very much lately.

Now, what did he say today, you wonder? "Mommy, I wish Daddy stayed at home and you worked. I just like him better." Yep, he got one cheek yesterday and I turned it and sure enough, he slapped the other one today. Hopefully, since it's Friday, he'll get out of this funk and Jay is taking off Monday (most likely to hunt a lot, but he has to hang with Troy in the AM since Will has his 2 year check up) so he'll get some time away from me. I am just hoping that next week, his attitude changes towards me a little. I miss my loveable, huggable almost 5 year old.

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  1. I am so with you Val... I have gotten the stamping of the foot and the "I just don't love you momma!". It is enough to toss in the towel and go back to work full time and let someone else raise him! Keep your chin up!