Thursday, November 18, 2010

The past few days...

Well, the past few days have been interesting, challenging, sad, many things. My emotions have been all over the place and I have to say that I am exhausted because of all of it. To begin with, I blogged back in the Spring about life being unfair
Here is the update. On Friday, November 12, he passed away :( They stopped treatment since chemo was showing no signs of affecting the cancer and he passed away surrounded by his very large family and a lot of love. We went up to NY for the funeral and although I cannot say that I knew him very well and had only been around him a few times, I got to know him through Jay. so I, too, was very saddened by all this. Also, having gone through this with MY father a few years ago, I could really understand how everyone was feeling. After leaving the funeral and spending time looking at pictures and talking to family, the loss of this man is devastating to so many. Not just his family, but all of those people he helped that had no one else. He truly was a great man. It was hard on so many levels too. He was such an extraordinary man, he was a veteran (military funerals are very tough on all), and I had to try to explain to Troy what to expect at Family Night. I think I did okay and gave him the option to go up to the casket or not. He chose to go and handled it very well, but I was really worried for him.
Since we went to NY, we got a chance to visit with Jay's family--2 sisters, his brother in law, 2 nieces, his mom and his very close friends and their children. Despite the circumstances, we had a wonderful visit and enjoyed the time seeing family we normally only see once a year. Having Troy being more outgoing helped as well because he truly had fun from the time he got there until we left rather than having to warm up to everyone. It was exhausting to watch the kids though--their energy levels never cease to amaze me. And to top it off, we were in a hotel room--1 room, 2 beds and we had never done this before. We had slept in the same room, however, the boys went to bed first and we came in later. This time, we were all together and the boys did wonderfully. It meant earlier bedtimes for us, but that was okay since we were all worn out anyway. I have to say the boys did really well on the trip overall--the drive, the hotel room, the going here and there and everywhere, being around people they don't see often....They really surprised me. The best part for the boys though--Uncle Brian (or Uncle Silly) is a firefighter and took them on a tour of THE nicest fire station I have ever seen. Of course, I forgot my camera, but luckily my sister in law took plenty (that I hope she will share with me) so pics to come later. Troy and Will were in awe of all the trucks and equipment and loved every minute of it. HUGE thanks to Uncle Silly for that one--you now have favorite Uncle status!
As for Troy and his being not so nice to me....well, that is over for now. He stopped saying hurtful things and I even got the "You are the greatest mommy!" again! I knew it would change, but for some reason, just was so hard for me the past couple of weeks. I think I am over it and so is he....for now anyway ;)

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