Thursday, November 4, 2010

When did the tornado hit?

This morning I was super busy. I worked out, started laundry, went grocery shopping, got dinner started in the crockpot, helped Will with fingerpainting, cleaned that up, got him changed....I was on the move from the moment I got up and really felt when I sat down at 10:00 AM (yes, I did all that before 10) that I had accomplished something. Then I looked around and wondered when the tornado came through my house? It truly looked like I had sat there doing nothing while someone just ransacked the house. There were cars, trucks, clothes, balls, name it....thrown all over the place. How does this happen? When I went to bed, I had straightened up most everything. The boys were only playing (and I kid you not) for 15 minutes! The rest of the time, they were at the table or getting ready for school???? How do kids do this? If it's the kitchen, then the mess is ALL me and I will admit it, but this was the living room and toy room. My boys shouldn't have been named Troy and Will, but Tornado and Hurricane.

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