Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 4 of Healthier Me

Sooooooooo, yeah. Week 4. This is a tough week (as all women have). Won't say more, but I am sure you understand. The last 3 weeks have been relatively easy and I have stuck with it. Until today. I have a confession to make. I cheated today. I felt sooooo guilty but the day started off horribly. Last night, I stayed up too late finishing a book so decided to skip the 6AM workout. BAD MOVE. I should have known better--to stay up late first of all, but I definitely should have just sucked it up, gotten up and worked out. I would have felt better and had a better attitude if I would have just gotten my lazy butt up. Then, I took Will on some errands and ended up at the drug store where they have crushed ice. There is nothing like a soda on crushed ice. Weird? Maybe, but it's YUMMY. So I got a Coke, no biggee. It was my one treat for the day. Then, this evening came and I took the boys out for dinner because we were out and it was wayyyyy past dinner so I did the quick route. After dinner, I let them split a small milkshake for dessert. After drinking a bit of it, Troy decides he doesn't like it and so I just say, "Well, I might as well just blow it today since I didn't work out"....the same old attitude I had 4 weeks ago. I didn't drink a lot--probably 1/2 at most, but that's not the point. The point is I not only skipped my workout, I had 2 "treats". SIGH. It made me feel so guilty that I did a workout after the boys went to bed. Nothing hugely strenuous since I had just eaten and it was so close to bedtime, but I still did 45 minutes of WiiFit. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over 1 slip up, but I am so determined that I will not fall back into the thought of "Well, I already blew it, so I might as well eat/drink.....". Especially with Halloween coming up and all that yummy chocolatey candy that will be right there tempting me EVERY day (we are cruel parents and won't let the boys have more than 1-2 pieces a day tops so it lasts for months) ACK! I have to stay strong and not have another day like this!
I did learn something about myself though this week. I kind of already knew it, but I confirmed it yesterday. I am a huge emotional eater. I was in a horrible mood yesterday and wanted candy ALL day. I kept saying to myself that one piece would just make me feel better, but I didn't give in. Which is yet another reason I felt so horrible about today. I just let myself fall right back into the pattern. However, I will not let it happen again. I can tell that I am losing weight or at least toning and I have been feeling so much better overall. Now, if I can only remember that the next time I feel like skipping the 6AM workout.

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