Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Writer's Block

I have started about 5 different posts yet none of them feel right. I have so much on my mind yet everything is so jumbled that it's not coming out the way I want to. Things are so good right now in so many ways, yet so many of my thoughts were negative and I just couldn't go with them tonight. Troy is doing well, Will is really coming along with speech, the weather is gorgeous....and so on. I haven't felt this content in so long and it's SOOOO nice! So since I can't get thoughts together, I will just share some random pics :) Pics are good, right?!?!?

Beautiful Fall pic--I just love Fall!
Our Beach adventure from a couple weekends ago
Troy found a horse shoe crab tail
My beach bum
Troy's new favorite thing

And the shirt says it all :)

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