Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Letter To Sesame Street

Dear Sesame Street,
I know that technically the experts say that TV is bad for kids and that young children shouldn't watch and yada yada yada, but I allow my kids to watch a little bit. Some days more than other, but that's beside the point. Almost every day when my oldest son (almost 5) gets up, he runs into my room wanting to watch Sesame Street. That is fine with me. I like your show as much as an adult can. Soon after, my youngest (almost 2) wants to do the same and he wants me to watch with him. That too is fine. Like I said, I like your show much better than some of the other options (like Barney, Calliou, Arthur....but again, that's a different story). So what is my problem you ask? Listen, I know that times are tough economically and it may be costly to pay Elmo's salary. I mean, you had to let The Count go (I miss him by the way Ah Ah Ah--that's my imitation of him as best I can type it) and so you understand. However, why do we have to keep watching the same episodes over and over? We are watching the same 4 episodes--some days back to back--OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND....It's a new season and yet, there really aren't new episodes? What is up with that? I get that the letter of the day is either C, F or L and I am getting a little tired of Kelly looking for the Golden Triangle or watching the Shoe Fairy (although I do love Neil Patrick Harris). My son, who has watched his Firefighting movie somewhere around q29834756104 times even said he doesn't want to watch anymore. So is it too much to ask for a little more variety? Maybe it's not you, maybe it's our local PBS station, but still. Just remember that some parents actually watch with their kids and not just throw them in front of the TV to go off and do other things. I do understand that there are many more important things I should be worried about, but hey, if my kids are complaining I feel like it's important for me to say something.
One very bored Momma

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