Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

Before Troy started preschool we did a lot of painting. He painted himself more than anything, but still, on days it wasn't possible to be outside, we painted. For some reason, when he started preschool, we just didn't do it anymore. I think that Will has painted once? How horrible is that! My poor deprived almost 2 year old! This weekend, Troy and Will received a thank you gift from a friend whose birthday party was last weekend. She used the paints we bought her to paint a gourd to give to them. Troy loved it and since it was going to rain today, I stole the idea :D We went to the store, bought a few and I let the boys go to town! It's funny because Troy loves paint, especially the getting messy part of paint. Will, surprising to me, doesn't like that part. He much prefers the brushes and if he even got any on his hand, he wanted me to clean it off. That is until he watched me paint with my hands and then he went a little nuts, but then started yelling BATH!!!! It was fun for all of us and a great way to spend a rainy Fall day.

The paints didn't do great, and they are still wet, but here is the final product

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