Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for Change

I did this a while ago and it didn't work :( I finally decided that I would make a change to lose weight and started really well. However, when I "diet" I get more and more obsessed with food and it becomes ridiculous. I think about it all the time, crave anything I shouldn't have and just become downright miserable. I did really well with my exercise but the eating...not so much. After my 4 mile race, I took some time off because of knee issues. This time off turned into a month of almost no exercise except a walk here and there. Here's the odd thing--I actually lost 3 lbs??? It was weird so I just kept going with it. I was eating and drinking crap and feeling guilty about everything--what I was putting in my body, the fact I wasn't exercising and just overall being a slug. Plus, I am pretty sure the weight loss was muscle just wasting away. I felt like junk, looked worse than I felt and pretty much was miserable. So I decided that I was done with it. No more self sabotage. Beginning Oct. 1, I made a change. I am back to exercising 5-6 days a week, I am eating better, but allowing myself 1 treat a day (a coffee, dessert, soda or beer), and I was going to learn to get past the cravings and obsession. It's only been a few days but I am feeling more positive about it all and plan to be successful. I have no goals right now regarding weight loss either. I just want to feel better and take better care of my health. Part of me wanted to take measurements and post them, but I just felt like that wasn't in my best interest (plus, I didn't have anyway to do it :) ). I feel like this may be better for me anyway--just looking at it from a healthy standpoint rather than putting emphasis on weight. Now, anyone want to join me?!?!?!

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